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Space for the AVR is 23.25" W, 6" H, 15" Deep. So the only dimensional issue on the console is the height.
To keep it brief...I have combed through dozens of av receivers looking for something that will work for my media console The receiver will be used for an exercise room, TV has only 1 HDMI input and I need to hook up DVD player, Xbox 360, and DISH receiver. The space I have to work with is 6". I realize there would be a ventilation problem which is why I would use these on top of the receiver over the vents The blower fans are 22mm high leaving 130mm or 5.1" for the...
lucky you, best be knocking on that wood.
Could it be a noise and dither problem? Ways of adjusting for that? Maybe my set just has more noise and dither?
Thought about that...since I ran the cables myself through the ceiling and the coax did cross some electrical wires in some spots. However, I am pretty sure the distance between the lines were adequate and that they only crossed at 90 degree angles. I didn't notice the issue with the my LCD. I will try tightening up the coax connections and adjusting setting more and trying Blu-Ray. If I notice the same thing on Blu-Ray I am going to be pissed. Is there anyway to adjust...
Turned on TV after 100 hours of slide time and input D-Nice's settings.....result....not so great...I have Dish Network and the TV guide looks out of focus and dim.....watching HD content like Last Resort seems to be a little fuzzy and out of focus. The color and contrast are not bad...it seems like its the focus and somewhat fuzzy...I was not wowed....but disappointed.....Picture does not look any better than my 42" Westinghouse LCD (which is not that great of a tv). Dish...
Ok....Ok.....So I just got the tv everything looks legit....no damaged box, no spider cracks in the screen....now time to turn on.....so I am preparing for slide prep and realize....do I change the picture mode to "custom" in the main menu???? D-Nice's prep settings says picture mode custom, just wondering....because custom default is at 100% contrast...thanks and please reply soon so I can start the slides...thanks.
Bought the TC-P60ST50 from amazon this past weekend. The tv will be here thursday with temps in the low 20's. If the box looks nice and no damage do I just sign for the tv before turning on? I am concerned that with the tv being in 20's all day then turning it on without letting warm up might damage it. Any thoughts?
same question....bump
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