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Hello friends: I am having trouble powering up my 6 month old Optoma HD33. It was working perfectly fine till yesterday afternoon, but when I tried to restart it again in the evening, nothing happens except the blue power LED keeps flashing. I checked the user manual and all it says that the PJ is either warming up on power on or cooling down after power off. The cooling fan does not start either. I tried by disconnecting the power and reconnecting after 2 mins, but end up...
As you said, I connected the BD player directly and i could get 3d picture. I checked on Harman Kardon website for updates and checked my avr firmware version and it indicates that I have the latest version for the avr. Any other suggestions?
Hello friends: I have recently set up a home theatre in my basement with Optoma HD33, Sony BDPBX59 and Harman Kardon AVR2600. Everything works well for 2D movies but I cannot get picture or sound when I run a 3D movie. I have HDMI 1.4 cables connecting all my components. Can someone help me to resolve this issue? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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