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It seemed Like I was the only one with this problem so I knew it had to be something different with my setup. I had never connected the system after the digital to analog converter so I thought I would give it a try. When I found that it worked with the converter I wondered if I could trick it by adding channels 3 & 4 after I did a cable analog digital scan and manually add analog channels 3 & 4 which do not exist without the converter. It worked.
I solved the problem with my Magnavox MDR533H. It seemed to me that I was the only one having that problem so I thought it had to be with my setup. My TV has a digital tuner so I connect directly to the cable. I have basic cable so I only get about 25 channels. The channel numbers are very odd Channel shows up as channel 2-100, channel 4 as channel 4-100. When I connected my magnavox unit directly to the cable and did a cable analog/digital scan it found these...
The date & time are set right, I have the unit plugged in a wall outlet. When ever the unit is turned on from standby it starts up with the initial setup screen and wipes out any programming. I have tried pressing OK in the language setup and pressing the standby button and it will startup without the initial setup screen but when I set up another timer program turn it to standby when it turns on at the programmed time it goes back to the initial setup screen and has no...
Magnavox MDR533H Loses timer programming when it is turned to standby. This is the second unit that has this problem. Has anybody else had this problem. I can not record any programs with the timer unless I leave the unit turned on but when it turns itself off it loses any other programming.
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