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+1 on obveron's post. Im nearing the end of my warranty and dont know what to do regarding the popping (PN59D8000). Im still working on installing 1024.8 but if the pops come back, then what?
Hi guys, Im new to the forum so forgive me if this info is already covered in this thread. I have the 59d8000 with 1023 installed. I just want to confirm the 1024.8 fix does still correct the brightness pop issue. I have attempted to upgrade but I keep getting, "no file available to upgrade." Ive been in contact with samsung support and a local service center, but as most of you know they are not of much help.
I dont mean to jack this thread, but I just bought a B & W panorama from best buy for $1200. It was the floor display so I got a pretty good deal. Only problem is the optical one input door is broke. Im going to return it to Best Buy but I may have to pay the difference for a new one which is $1500. Im going to see if B & W warranty will handle that first. With that being said, Ive been reading about the panorama 2. Im considering spending the extra cash to...
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