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Thanks Dave, the search continues. I am most likely going to get the Elite screens since Jamestown screens take about a month to ship.
So these Zero edge screens cost more then my projector 5020ub. They sure have some killer looking screens but I wonder what kind of premium they are charging for the screen to be 2K+ FRNs. I mean how much does it cost to manufacture vs what they are selling it for. Anyway the screen does look great but most people are going to drop that kind of cash on a screen.
I was looking @ the same screens & have a Epson 5020UB. Wondering if Airbright 3D2 is worst the extra FRNs?
Well guess what, the other day I turned on the projector & the pink tint is gone! There is still very light hue in the middle but its not noticeable in the movie. I watched shooter with my pops the other day & there was no hue of pink in the snow covered peaks. I picked up Prometheus 3d today from best buy today & will try the 3d. Anybody been able to play 3d movies from your laptop? I have movies that are side by side 1080p but not sure how to play it using the...
I played Batman the other day & movie was great but once I fired up you tube the the pink hue was very noticeable on only left side of the screen. I am thinking to return but if I call Epson would they send me a brand new one?
Meant to say plasma ...
So been contemplating buying the GT50 55 inch from amazon but it seems like buzzing is rampant problem in the Panasonic lcd .....does LG have a comparable pic quality to panny?
Been looking around & Epson does have the brightest images of the bunch. Do you think the flaws in my unit warrant a return Kirnak? I am thinking to return it & just get Panasonic plasma for now & wait till Epson works out the kinks on 5020UB. What makes it worst is this was a gift for my Dad.
Auto iris is shut off. I was not planning to RMA the unit if it came in with issues but return it. This is my first projector & I am not sure how bad the hue problem is during daily long term use but I am wondering if the 5010 did not have any of these issue why does the 5020 have it or it did & I am not aware of it? Does Epson need to work out the kinks of the new model in production or enforce better QA?On the sides of the screens convergence is not as good as the one I...
Pink tint on left side of screen :-(....
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