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About to order the following Paradigm system. Any advice or affirmation appreciated as a last checkpoint. (2) SA-30's in walls for LR (1) SA-25 in wall for C (2) ADP-590's for LR surrounds (2) Infinity PS-28 subwoofers (re-using from old system) Marantz 5007 AV receiver Marantz 5007 Blu-ray player I'll be adding back surrounds later based on how well the 5.2 system sounds. (will have to be in ceiling) The in walls will be left, right and below a Sony 55HX750 LCD
Confirming sound & vision in Cuyahoga Falls has been great. thanks.
Installing new system in basement. Speaker cables will run both in wall and exposed on unfinished side of one wall. It crosses electic wiring in several places and crossing over them perpendicular, as i've been advised, will not always be possible. So question is should i use shielded cable, and if so can anyone recommend a brand/type? Interested in general speaker cable recommedations also. Searched the forums and could not find anything but if this has already been...
dowop, Talked to Sound&Vision and will be stopping in to see them in person. Great discussion/knowledge and it looks like they may be reasonable on price. thanks for the lead!
Thanks. Was in Columbus and stopped in Genesis. Good expertise but more interested if they did the install. I am doing it myself. So not much of a discount off MSRP. Liked the guys there though. Also drove by Audio Encounters and it looked dark. It was later in the day so they might have been closed for the day. I'll try again tomorrow but they are not listed on the Paradigm website anymore.
Have you had good luck getting discounts from either Jamiesons or Ohio Valley Audio? I've read if they are direct dealers you can get better discounts if you wait for your order to be included in a larger shipment. Any luck with that approach or others?
Thank you guys. I'll give both a try.
Thanks for replyiing. It does, but it does not show which are Direct dealers. from what i have read you can get better discounts from the direct dealers than most other dealers.
Can anyone direct me to a discussion or link that might give me a name for a Direct Dealer of Paradigm speakers in Ohio?
You should check out the new Marantz SR5007. Getting very good reviews on performance and simplicity to set up and use. Also a lot of the high end installers in our area are switching to them. I compared it to the Yamaha Aventage RX-A720 and the Denon AVR-2313CI and am going to go with the Marantz when it goes on sale via Amazon or best buy. Crutchfield has it with a special combination price with the 5007 3D Bluray player if you want to upgrade your bluray at the same...
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