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Is there a way to finalize a recorded disc when your DVD recorder dies? I had a Panny ez28 and it broke. I have approx 50 disc that I need to finalize. Thanks Chet
I talked to Mike last night and he was a big help. He said the price for repair was in the ballpark by the time I Would pay to ship it to him. As far as the Magnavox I want to have a USB port for my Sony video camera. From what I read the Magnavox does not have that. That is my only hang up about it. I did check on Ebay and saw Like recorders used from 240 to 450 used and like new and new from 400 to 700 Panny may reconsider getting back In the market. Also I do a lot of...
Posted awhile back about my ez28 not working. I tried to record a football game and the unit went haywire. I unplugged it and let it set when I pluged it back in nothing would work. I hit the reset button and the disc ejected. I put in a movie I recorded and it would play after I turned the unit on and off several times. The clock won't reset and the tuner will not program. I took it to A very good repair shop and they are telling me it needs a new compleat guts for the...
Update unplugged the unit and let it set. Went through the trouble shoot. Now can play a recorded DVD. Tried to do a firmware update but no success, unit states cd not comparable. Still can not change channels frozen on 100-110 tried to do a reset pressed the little reset button and do a new setup but it won't. Reset and channels won't reprogram, but the unit will play a disc. What now?
Thanks I was trying to pm the message. All fixed now.
Thank you What do you need from me? Chet Wajda
:eek:I have a penny dmr ez28. I went to record a tv football game and the unit turned on then would not open. There was a disc in the unit not finalized. I wanted to put in a blank so I could record th whole game. The unie would not open. I unplugged it and when I pluged back in it went through the test and I was able to get the disc out. But now the display flashes the number 100107 then says no disc. I went through the trouble shoot in the manual and no success. What...
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