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I'm thinking of getting a couple in-wall subs ( to match my speakers) and thinking if putting them perpendicular to the front speakers. Probably on both sides of the room at the front. What do you guys think? In the picture that is the whole wall so there is a corner on each side.
I installed about 10 speakers in an insulated attic in my house. It was all new construction but it will be the same for you also ( mabey a little harder) I picked up " poly hats" they are made for pot lights. After you cat the speaker hole you will need to squeeze it up and though siting on top of the poly. The hats are much bigger than you will need but won't matter. Then tape the sides of the poly hat down with " tuck tape" ( red and really sticky. Made for poly...
You know who has it all figured out? DISNEY! Release an old movie for a couple months and charge $35 for it.
Ya for sure. Just the little things that kinda bug me:)
Found that. But it doesn't allow you to set what device to change the input on first. For example, I can turn my matrix on very first but no matter what it is the last device to change inputs.
Just when everything is starting up. Seems like it would be better if all the video stuff changed first and then the audio changed over. My setup has a matrix switch and it is the last thing to change inputs. It takes a second or two to show the next input. Or if a AV reciever takes a second or so to actually get the sound to the speakers after changing inputs. Hope that makes sense:) Not a biggie though
Is there a way to reorder the devices? I hate that I need to go through 3 pages to find the single device that I need. Also I find it a little odd that you can't change the order in which devices change inputs. Just little things I know. But otherwise I'm real happy with the remote.
Maybe Rick will get his head out of his ass now.
I bought a couple reconditioned Ones and I am kinda confused by the 2 different remote set ups. I have been using the 7.7 because I am fairly familiar with it from when the 880 came out. ( I was kinda shocked they haven't updated the look since I used it 5 years ago.) Any pros and cons before I do to much else? Thanks
I recently bought 2 reconditioned Ones and I love them. I bought the 880 when it first came out but it died after a couple years. But here's my problem. My satellite reciever ( bell 9241) has a UHF/ IR pro 6.3 remote. I have changed it over to run on ir on remote address #1. I also have an ir extender hooked up which works flawlessly with all other components but will not work with the satellite remote in ir mode. Does it send a different ir signal? I never did try just...
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