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Now ware a talking the same language. So basicly we do the same, I just use the rail where the meter is mounted. Doing it this way the distance between left/right must be as large a possible. Using Your meters left/right side as a reference point You only have a few cm and the accurary of the laser distance meter is +/- 1.5mm. So the horizontal alignment is not very precise, so why wasting a lot of time to setup the meters for 0.01° precision if it can not be aligned to...
Thanks Ted, understand. You use the gyro for the meters.But it is still not clear to me how this should work for the horizontal angle between meter and TV.Top view:
Sorry for my ignorance, but with the Dual Axis Digital Protractor Inclinometer You can only meassure the vertical angle. I don't see a method to meassure the horizontal angle. With the rail system I use I just meassure the distance at both ends to the TV to make sure the meters are aligned horizontally.
Uuuhh, 60cm difference is too much for the rail system. I use the same Dual Axis Digital Protractor Inclinometer as You + Laser Distance Meter as well. But how do You align the horizotal angle between meter and TV? Looking at Your numbers You seem to have no problem using 2 tripods.
of course. Once the double layer PCB is finished I can share everything, no big secrets inside. But still with a single layer layout, plastic housing and non-shielded power cables the ripple noise was around 2mV. I think there is no need to improve that from technical side, I'm just curious where are the lower limits. I will make a drawing and part list soon...
Hi Ted,I only can speak for the i1pro2 and my PSU. Yes, there is a slight improvement in repeatability. I never used the stock cable for the i1pro2 and immediately switched to a HQ 1.5m USB cable. Just with this cable the difference in repeatability is 0.0002 - 0.0003 for all xy of RGB @100%, except y of green, this is 0.0005 - 0.0006. Guessing the small fluctuations are caused by the plasma TV.With my PSU the difference in repeatability of all xy of RGB @100% are within...
what is the lowest level You see flashing, 18? Your brigthness is set correct if everything below 16 is black and 17 is barely visible. You need to adjust the brightness setting on Your TV to make 17 visible and everything below to be black, than You are done.
chapter "basic settings" --> "black clipping". it shows black from level 2 to 25 (16 is video black).
Hello, the AVSHD709 disc features black and white clipping pattern. You can download here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/948496/avs-hd-709-blu-ray-mp4-calibration
Hello, adjusting the TV by using the WOW disc and Your eyes has nothing to do with calibration. It's just tweaking and You will never get close to any standard. You will need a calibration software, a meter and a pattern disc. Software and pattern can be downloaded for free, but You have to pay some $$$ for a meter. If You are really interested, a good start would be using HCFR software + AVSHD709 pattern disc, both can be downloaded here in the forum. A good meter is the...
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