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Actually he did make reference to the new BD variant that had 33GB per layer (though he referred to "66" referencing the dual layer application). And he spoke about the idea of placing a disc (4K BD or standard) in the player and transferring it to an internal hard drive which could then transfer smaller file versions to mobile devices.I also liked that he acknowledge that a disc offers superior quality to streaming.
Not exactly what we were hoping to hear. Fix good. Requiring shipping or technician visit bad.
Well that's good news. Thanks for keeping us informed Mike
Someone can probably provide a more detailed answer, but yes you can use the dark level control so that you can at least see digital 18. I believe 17 is much more difficult to resolve unless you are using an external video processor like the lumagen.
RS57. Black screen and no image (source or projector menu). Typically when going from the BD at 24p to the PS3 menu at 60p after hitting stop. It doesn't happen every time. I had a few good runs when I've gone 4-5 discs without a lockup. But it has happened quite a few times, including last night. Requires power off, unplugging of the HDMI, and unplugging of projector to resolve.
Thanks for the feedback Kris. I had wondered if using superwhite might have improve the white clipping, but I didn't really get to test it out.To clarify, when you set the projector's input level to superwhite fid you also change the source's output to superwhite. And once switched to superwhite did you adjust the projector's contrast settings? You mentioned you left the contrast at 0 for the standard clipping at 235, but where did you clip when testing superwhite?I'm...
Oh, I have no idea of the specifics involved. I just picked a term I thought was close to what was happening conceptually (digitally altering the image so that it uses parts of two pixels to make one which masks the misconverged color). I may be off on the specifics of what is happening. Either way, scaling probably isn't the most accurate term, but it is basically using some sort of digital manipulation to mask the error and such manipulation can theoretically cause a...
I cannot speak specifically about the RS4910, but I had the 4810 and upgraded to the RS57. In my subjective opinion, there is a significant noticeable improvement in image quality going between the two. See my post here for my amature, subjective impression: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1506160/official-jvc-dla-x700r-rs57u-owners-thread/570#post_24158881Now, the 4910 and the 57 have the same dynamic iris, so comparing to the 4810 as I am doing isnt entirely apples to...
Yes, any 3 chip projector is susceptible to potential convergence issues. Depending on the projector model there may be adjustments you can make to mask visible misconvergence to varying degrees. Some have no adjustments, some only have adjustment of the full screen in single pixel increments, and some allow zone convergence in sub pixel increments.This is all digital scaling, mind you, and not an actual physical realignment of the chips. There may be some subtle loss of...
Oops, my apologies about the clear black suggestion. I thought you had the 4910 not the 4810. I need to pay more attention. Still, for grain/noise issues I'd take a hard look at what MPC mode and slider settings are being used.
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