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The extended cut is definitely superior to the theatrical version. Some of the characters are a bit more fleshed out, the violence is a bit more brutal (more bloody), and Logan's fight against the Ninjas was restored instead of everything from the trailers not being in that scene. It's the same movie with no added subplots, but the extensions and "unsanitizing" make it feel more whole.
2:18 (including the credits).
Mine was bundled with about a $2.5K discount from the list price.
Well, this is why I had/have no intention of selling my RS4810 until my new RS57 is here, checked for defects, and in my system. Of course I love to have it before Xmas since I'd have plenty of time to play with it that week. But at least I'm not going without a projector for the weeks leading up to the holiday. Elf, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story are being shown on the big screen this year either way.
David,When do you think you'll be posting your review on the X700? Can you comment on the intelligent lens aperture and how well it works?
Um, the point is that reflections off the walls and ceiling degrade the quality of what is on the screen. But you knew that.
Yep, like with cars, I consider the models that come out at the end of the year as "next year's models". So yes, I'm referring to those that hit the market last December. In my case, the RS4810.You can disable the eshift process (so pixels are visible and clearly defined) and still separately adjust the detail, contrast, and smoothing options.
Just want to point out that with the current 2013 models the MPC adjustments work independently of e-shift. You can turn off the e-shift and still adjust the image enhancement options.
Just watched the Extended Edition. This is a beautiful looking transfer.
Ok, thanks Mike. So hopefully in customers' hands by the end of the week before Christmas. I'm excited to get my RS57, but I'm hanging onto my 4810 until I have this in my possession and set up. I probably won't list the 4810 until after Christmas, possible after January 1st. But if anyone out there might be interested in an RS-4810 with around 400 hrs originally purchased from AVS you can feel free to send me a PM.
New Posts  All Forums: