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That's been my limited experience with a couple of PolkAudio and the "temporary" Sinclair 310S sub I have running now on a Denon 1713 using Audyssey. The Sinclair is actually doing very well. It kicks in when it is suppose to. Not deep (rated at 30hz) but pretty accurate.
Yup sorry, got the name wrong. Good deal at sub $200.
Prime316 did you get that in-store or on-line? I might grab one at that price for the man cave.
I thought the avatar was a take on a big bass speaker!! My preference is the PB-1000 but the SVS-1000 may be the one that pleases someone here and the smaller size is the attraction. I just would like your take on how the 2 stack up and if the 13" cube falls that much short of the PB. I am actually conisdering ordering 2. One for the man cave might be the PB. I hate to say it's an obvious ploy because the wife is much smarter than that.
How's the review coming Jim. My trigger finger is itchy! By the way the avatar is.........eyecatching.
Thanks Jim. Do you see any problem having 1/4" plate glass around the PB-100? The inside measurement of this unique one piece table is 23"W X 19 1/2" X 20" D. It can easily be lifted higher by 3/4" base pads. It very much fits in with the piano black accents on the Sinclair speakers. Great speakers by the way. They are impressive for the price. I am still looking forward to your SW-1000 review though and impressions against the SB12-NSD . I showed them to my friend...
Jim can you do me a favor and measure the PB-1000 from that carpet to the very top. My wife spotted an all black plate plate glass table she thought would fit over the sub. It's a 1 piece wrap of glass and with no back and I am wondering if that's really a good idea around the sub. She has come along way on this stuff so I am trying to balance it out for her.
I had no idea this was rated forum.
Wow, that thing does look small but I am looking forward to your review Jim. Actually the cube sort of looks like a 10 inch sub box I long ago had behind the seat of a '66 396ci Chevelle SS 2dr. Then everything was "stereo" but people listened more to how good your pipes sounded. Things have changed.
Thanks I enjoyed that and it was very useful. The SVS PB-1000 may suit my purposes fine. Maybe even the SVS SB12-NSD and I am waiting to see Jim Wilson's test of the SVS SB-1000 too. The last one is about the only one I could go, 2 of.
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