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I just got done testing how a guitar sounds and when i pluck the open A string it sounds like **** on the recorded playback, it's not clipping or anything, it's just distorted and sounds like a fart on the playback...scratch that, the little speakers i was using to analyze the playback are just blown or something lol
So is the consensus that it most likely did not receive trauma? I haven't really used it enough yet to determine whether shooting a .22 2-3 feet away has had any impact on it's ability to perform, as I have nothing to reference.
I wasn't able to find any technical specifications on them, all I can find is that they're condensers in a cardioid pattern
Loud as in a .22 handgun fired 2-3 feet away from the mic, with the business end pointed in the opposite direction? I don't think it received any damage, but I'd like an educated opinion on the matter. I was using a tascam dr-07 mkii to record it, I believe it uses condenser mics...
Anyone recommend a good free program for making error-free copies of CD's?
My lack of technical knowledge causes me to fall back to an emotional standpoint rather than a rational, educated one. So with this topic for example, I tend to think of it like an organism, that it responds to its environment by dynamically adapting in order to be as efficient as possible, (similar in the way that if a human is sedentary, muscles undergo atrophy), so I then apply this to something like a dac, because it can process relatively complex signals, but also...
Can a highly compressed, ****** digital sources like MP3 damage components, particularly the DAC? I'm not familiar with the engineering behind most any electronic equipment let alone the technical operation of a DAC so please bear with my ignorance.
I have an m-282, new, and the sound it puts out is so bright that it is distorted, for example the guitar intro to stairway to heaven sounds just...wrong. It's so tinny and high-pitched that i almost can't believe what i'm hearing. and no it is not my speakers or preamp, replacing the m-282 with a TX-8255 fixes the anomaly. Anyone else own one of these? does it get better with use? Mine has maybe 50 or so hours of use...
oh i hadn't seen those options yet, that's pretty much what i was after ,thanks
Well at least it isn't caught in a landslide, is it?
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