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I had to power down 2 times, after that the update finally worked.
And I'm still waiting
And I'm still waiting
A great score for a first post!
No update for my 2112 yet.
I can't wait to get home and update.
I'm in the boon docks and the only station my 2112 will pick up is country. Thank God for my Roku
I got the Are you still listening now and then. Well not now.
Maybe Pandora found out we didn't have to listen to commercials.
Alright. I have read up about page 260 after I got my 2112CI. And never had any issues that I couldn't fix with the info that's on here. So now Im stumped and thought its time to register. So I turn on Pandora today and it ask me to log in. I input my info but every time I hit ok after my password, Please Wait flashes on the screen and thats it. I tried a soft reset. Meaning unplugging for a while. Whats next?
New Posts  All Forums: