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Okie dokie. Thanks so much for your help.
Hm ... I AM recording from HDD. Here's what I'm doing: recording old footage from an 8mm digital camcorder to the HDD, then burning to a DVD in real time. I looked through the manual and see no mention of high-speed dubbing. When I select a quality/speed (whatever) I choose SP. There is a HQ option above that, though. I assumed that meant High Quality but wasn't sure so I just keep using SP. Is the HQ what I should be using?
Oh and geez, nevermind on my question for clarification of the high-speed dubbing bit there. You posted a link and I will check that out! Thanks! Really!
Real time transfer is really that bad of an idea? I had no idea. I learned how to use this machine from the AV specialist in my school district ... he has helped me through SOOOO much in the past 12 years. Maybe I can help HIM with something now. So do tell -- is the difference really that significant? Interesting. I will try that. To answer another question, I use Verbatim discs. Another friend of mine last night asked me if I was too close to the 2 hour mark...
I'm recording old footage onto DVDs with a Magnavox HDD & DVD recorder (borrowed). It "writes" the whole entire thing (almost 2 hours), also writes the new name I give the disc after all that is done, then when I select "finalize" it does 1 - 6% then stops and says something like "recording error -- can not record on this disc." !!! I've gone through several -R and +R discs. I have been successful twice out of 6 tries and I have a LOT more recording to do. Anyone???
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