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My PS3 keeps getting the 80010514 error. I've tried the software approach - restoring the files (option 3). I've tried vacuuming out the dust. It plays regular DVDs so is it safe to assume that it is the blu ray laser. Could it just need a cleaning, or is it likely burnt out?
I had my PS3 on top of a 12" subwoofer for a few days. I thought it made a nice place to sit it. Then I started getting an error with the PS3 not being able to read discs. Then I remembered that the magnets could affect hard drive. Maybe realized to late, or maybe just coincidence. I'll let you know if Sony tells me.
I don't think it is an internet thing unless there was a weak connection when I updated and it screwed up a file. It is about the blueray not playing regardless of internet connection or not. Any other ideas from those who've experienced this?
I have a brand new Vizio 3D TV. Very nice, but the screen will go black for 2 - 3 seconds about every 5-10 minutes during the first half hour of running it. Any ideas why this happens?
I keep getting the 80010514 error on my PS3. Recently got a 3D TV and started playing PS3 in 3D so not sure if this may be causing the problem. I have tried restoring the file system as suggested by popular youtube remedy (hold down power button, wait for 2 beeps and select option 3), but I still keep getting the problem. Any ideas?
ok - thanks for your help!
Thanks - I figured out how to reset. Turning off the multi zone display allowed the reset to come up. So I reset it but still have the same problem with HDMI blinking and no picture. We didn't have a thunderstorm when it went bad. Maybe too much dust though. I guess I can connect HDMIs directy to the TV and wire just the sound to the receiver by component wire. Hate to add wires and lose quality though. Will pioneer send me a new HDMI board? Any other suggestions?
I have a Pioneer Receiver (VSX-819H). It was working fine for about 3 years. Recently the TV picture went out. I also noticed the HDMI light was blinking on the receiver. I tried a new HDMI wire, but didn't work. I bypassed the receiver and connected the components directly to the tv via HDMI and they work fine. So I know it has something to do with the receiver HDMI input or output. Pioneer told me to reset the receiver which I can't get to work. I don't get the...
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