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Not that it means anything, but shopblt estimates arrival of the NXG in late March. http://www.shopblt.com/cgi-bin/shop/shop.cgi?action=thispage&thispage=01100400U0276_BNZ0949P.shtml&order_id=!ORDERID!
I noticed on the Sub-1500 there was some occasional popping and other strange noises when it kept trying to turn on and off randomly in auto-on mode. Sub-1500 has a nearly identical amp to the sub-1200 just beefed up slightly to a higher watt rating. If it is always on, no problem and it is dead silent. I wonder if the facebook poster had it in auto-on and it was turning on and off on him creating the noises.
In theory, if the volume is truly the same, it won't annoy the neighbors any more that what you have. Ont he other hand, room characteristics could allow certain lower frequencies to be emphasized that weren't being produced by the old sub, but I would be surprised if it was an issue if you get it adjusted to the same volume. However, you may find that you have to have the gain lower with the SUB-1200 to be at the same volume level. You can't just plug the new sub in and...
How big of a space is it? If it is a large space and you are doing primarily home theater, I suggest the sub-1500. Having had a 12" JBL similar to the 250p (bigger brother to the 150p), I can say that the sub-1500 is better for HT (although I did not compare them head to head as my JBL suffered the same harman amp meltdown that many of them suffer eventually).
Just posted my own observations of the sub-1500 here: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1364182/list-of-budget-subwoofers-300-and-less/784#post_24147050
I've got the Sub-1500 setup and spent a few hours listening to it on various stuff. Having just read Jim's review of the Sub-1200, my by ear observation sort of correspond to what he says about the 1200, although clearly I do not have one myself to compare. My fear would be that this sub was a one note mess, and I can say that truly is not the case. This sub can come across as a little boomy, but definitely not one-noted. I would not consider it a great music subwoofer. It...
I got a kick out of the shipping label that said 27 lbs and then I took the packing slip out and it did say sub-800. Just a weird mistake. I ordered on Christmas day so maybe someone there was giving me a present.
Well, PE just sent me a SUB-1500 by mistake when I ordered a SUB-800. I can't use the SUB-1500 in my originally planned application but I can always use it to replace my Energy S10.3 and use that in the location that I intended for the Sub-800. I'll try it and post some observations. If I hate it, I'll send it back and have PE send me the sub-800 I was supposed to get.
Well, i ended up ordering a Dayton sub-800 since I said I was doing this on a budget and didn't need high spl's and with PE's christmas sale I bought it for $70 shipped. However, low and behold, upon delivery, I find they sent me the sub-1500 by mistake. That is one big mistake. It will never fit in the office, but I figure since I have it, I might as well give it a whirl in the living room. I've got a likely overworked Energy S10.3 and if the Dayton is not a complete fart...
This is a tough one and I know I'm probably asking too much. Basically doing pc speaker replacement. I had an old receiver and some bookshelves laying around and I've put them in my office so I need a small subwoofer to fill in the low frequencies. No need for big spl as this system will not be played loud. Nearfield placement and will be used almost exclusively for music. This is more for kicks than anything so I'm not interested in paying any large amounts. Want to keep...
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