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It has been a little while since I updated with any progress... A few months ago I finished one of the aspects of my media room that I enjoy most... Home brew tap system! There is nothing better than enjoying beer you brewed, dispensed by a tap system you made, while watching football on a projector system you put together.
use those convex mirrors for a blind driveway?
I made this from some ceiling tiles and the felt I had left over from wrapping my screen border.
My latest project was a pub height table for behind the couch. It is now the most popular seating area. Simple pine table with minwax stain and helmsman polyeurathane.
Great work! I'm thinking about putting in a small back wall bar for our media/game room. I may be stealing some ideas.
This is my completed DIY AV Cabinet. It is a birch plywoof frame, primed and painted. The door is a poplar frame with wire mesh. Very simple as I subscribe to KISS method for DIY. For more pictures head on over to my DIY budget minded home theater thread. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1444378/joker-room-build-thread#post_22804599
They're multiplying!
Everything has arrived and is hooked up. I am extremly happy with the sound quality. My wife thinks our neighbors are going to hate us.
Well after living with the repair for a bit I can say that it did not work out as intended. I am certainly going to have to either add another layer of new laminate or skim and paint. The crack itself is not as much noticable right now, however the area around it that was wiped and wiped with solvent and had residual seamfil looks "dirty". If I were to do this again I would tape both sides of the seam off with painters tape as close to the seam as I could. I debated...
Yeah Kohls was hit or miss. We had to bring one set back that were supposedly "blackout" curtains. They were not. Good luck with your canvas screen. I may end up painting over my cracked screen or just get another piece of laminate.
New Posts  All Forums: