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Actually because of the sound proofing measures I am taking the equipment choices are very important because I need to finalize where i need all my power and what wires I need. If I go with a powered center channel or not. The equipment changes the way I do everything. I probably will have a power outlet for my center even if I do go that route just for future growth. Also I need to determine if my left and right has a sub or not. I think I might make the same choice, I...
Now I am leaning towards golden ear.
I did but another post about my speaker selection might be changing it. I was going to go with a Martin Logan set-up but now maybe switching to Definitive technologies. I am glad I am posting now not after I have run my electrical.
or the Mythos ST?
I also heard the Definitive Technologies at the show and was impressed. Do you think they would do a better job in being closer to the side walls than the Martin Logans?I was looking at the BP-8080ST.
Auburn, CA
Budget is always an issue but I want to make sure it sounds amazing. The theater will be used for 99.5% Movies and T.V. viewing, not so much for listening to music. I just want a very immersive sound with lots of bass. I went to the CEDIA show and heard the Martin Logan speakers and they sounded amazing. That is why I picked the Martin Logans. As far as budget goes anything comparable to Martin Logans or less. They are a little stretch on my budget. I do not have to have...
Thank you, Jeff, that makes sense. Wish you were near Northern California to get your thoughts!
I meant 9.2 not 11.2
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