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Kp51ws510 Sony I installed the convergence chips and it got a little better. I didn't install the fuses that came in the kit. Can I still put them in ? Do they even make a difference? Thanks for any help here. Pm me if you have a similar set with similar problem Jam
I've just Been reading posts here . Wonder if anyone has the link to a service manual for a Sony kp51ws510 Thanks in advance John
Thank you
Where do I find a blu ray copy of "home"? John
Where can I get a blu ray copy of the movie " home" I saw some screen shots on a different thread and just got to see that on my screen John
i just bought the hd fury 3 but ran across the cheapy version just wondered if anyone had any info.
K I will wait for his response then
I just saw a hdmi to VGA adapter on eBay says its hdcp compliant and can do 720p,1080i, and1080p. It's only $19.00. Do you think it will work or has anybody tried? This would seem to put moome and HD fury out of business if it works. John
Curt. I called him twice and emailed him through his web site with no response. So not sure if he is still doing set ups.
I just got my new/used zenith 1200x mounted to the ceiling. Looking for a crt expert to either walk me thru or come out and dial this puppy in.i got the basic set up done reading manuals and following the set up but I would like to get the max life and enjoyment out of this as I have a lot of time and $ already invested. Running HDTV signal thru dvdo vp 50 to a HD fury 3 to the unit. So knowledge of these units also important. Let me know who I can contact. Thanks in a...
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