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Thanks for the info and app recommendations.... I definitely check them out!
No bites? Am I asking for something that is too easy to warrant a response or too difficult? Yesterday I was able to play a long series of FLAC files without any playback issues but the receiver stopped responding to basic playback functions (stop, pause, fwd) with both the Denon remote and Android app. The volume control still worked with both and once I changed input to FM tuner everything worked flawlessly.
I've been searching and realize I need help understanding how to accomplish this.... My (current) equipment: Denon AVR 2112ci PC: Windows XP x64 desktop Android Moto G smartphone What I want to do: - I want to convert me entire CD collection (around 250 cd's) to FLAC files stored on my PC. I'm roughly 20% complete with this. - I want to play the FLAC files on my Denon AVR 2112ci both in the main TV room and on our deck through zone 2. - I want to have remote control via...
I reset the microprocessor per the recommendation and now the HDMI pass through is working! I haven't seen any issues with the on screen display either so that might have done the trick. Thanks for tip!!! Chris
Help with Denon AVR-2112ci please! I purchased an AVR-2112ci from Best Buy last month... it was brand new in the box and a really good deal on closeout. I've had some issues with it and I'm not sure if it's just my lack of knowledge setting it up or if there is something wrong with it. I have a Samsung LCD tv and a Samsung Blu Ray player. I have the Blu Ray connect to the receiver via HDMI and the receiver connected to the TV via HDMI. Right now I have nothing else...
Well I picked up a Denon AVR-2112ci from Best Buy today ($299 on clearance) and am just getting familiar with it. I think it will good and leaves a larger portion of my budget for speakers which won't be obsolete (or at least lack new features) in a few years. I've decided to look for JBL S38's (used of course) for my fronts and just won the matching S-Center on ebay today. With any luck I'll have some funds left for surrounds, a sub, and eventually my outdoor speakers!
Alright VM844.... you've convinced me to take a longer look at the Energy Take Classics.... I see this setup for $299 @ Newegg... maybe I'll try this and hold off on the rear in-ceiling speakers so I can upgrade the receiver. The only thing I'm challenged with is the size of the sub. Are there any good options if I bought the 5.0 system and purchased a compact sub?
Thanks for the response... I dig further but since I'll be using the system around 50% for music will the Energy's 3" woofers compare with the dual 5'1/4" woofers on the TSI200's?
I've been doing more research today and see another option might be the BIC Formula FH6-LCR for all three fronts or as just the center with Formula FH-65B as left and rights. BIC makes in-ceiling as well and I could use the Formula F12 sub... but this puts me up to $700. Any thoughts on the Polks??? I haven't been able to configure anything else close to that price point.
My budget can't go much over $500... I'm looking for bookshelf size fronts, a center channel, in-ceiling rears (the only aesthetic and wife approved option), and a small sub (preferrably less than 12" wide to fit in the only "approved" space!). I'm planning to purchase a Denon AVR-1913 or AVR-2113CI to also run two outdoor speakers but those are outside of this budget. Here's what I'm thinking: Polk: TSI-200's for front LR Polk: CS10 for CC Polk: RC80i for rear (would...
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