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The BB (free) calibration would probably be alright for the average person, but finding settings here on AVS is probably just as good, if not better. You definitely don't need a calibration to get the darkest blacks, and you can probably get fairly accurate colors using listed settings. Honestly, to me the S60 wouldn't exactly be a TV "worthy" of professional calibration.
That's a bit of space, you could easily (comfortably) go up to 65" from that distance.
That was certainly my impression based on calibrator reviews, but I'm just speculating.
I'm not sure if that price increase is worth it for the 65". Not sure what that's about, but it's pretty ridiculous. Yeah, sub 2K would be really good, but I doubt you will find anything very close to that. Going from 50" to 60" will be a nice upgrade, but how far is your viewing distance?
Yeah, it's unfortunate there doesn't seem to be a single alternative for a similar price and quality.
Hopefully they fix the issue if they are able, but what other offerings are even remotely comparable to the ST60?
Most people would have reservations letting BB calibrate their TV for free, let alone paying them. Hope that answers your question.
Agreed. The only problem with that is there's some great prices on the new models.
Probably not much point, but you can run them in your spare time if you like.I would go ahead and put D-Nice's setting in anyway though, odds are they look better than what you have.
Not to downplay the issue, but 3x an incredibly small amount of lag still won't add up to much. Games that are notoriously laggy won't be the best candidates, but most games, including 30fps console titles, should feel relatively responsive. I don't think you can honestly gauge much from those videos, other than the fact it's indeed not as responsive as a CRT. I'm not sure about the audio delay, but I suspect that's not a reliable testing method.
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