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Magico!!! Good grief - who do they think they are? For those prices, there had better be a little leprechaun inside playing on a gold harp.
stop making me go to dictionary.com! me so stupid - how sentence make?
It's great being an owner of the latest and greatest B&W speakers. Having the most recent model, you feel pretty good posting on the forums: "LOOK AT ME !!! I have the LATEST! Aren't they beautiful???". But alas, people get old(er), and new products come out and replace existing products even though there was nothing "wrong" with the existing product. The company has to keep making a profit and the only way to do it is to say that the new shiny toys are just a "teeny...
Ahhh - a perennial favorite of this forum (the never ending 800 vs 802 debate). I assume you mean the latest D2 series, not the prior D series.Search for some posts by me over the last 20 pages or so. We talked about XO circuit schematics and capacitor quality and parts selection.Search for replies by Patrick Butler (B&W North America), Kal Rubinson ("Music in the Round"), wse.AcuDefTechGuy said it best. As with all products on AVS, those who can afford it and who have...
And ... "hi-def audio makes no sense":http://xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html
excellent - thank you
Do you guys mean BW does mass production (relatively high volume) of the 800 series drivers or they just do the design of the drivers and subcontract to a supplier to do the mass production and then the driver is installed in the cabinet at UK BW facility? Or BW actually does the mass production of driver at a plant that they control/own with BW QA? thanks
Myth #9: We Make our Own Drivers For Superior Performance and Consistencyok, i'll bite - does BW make their own for 800D2 series?
i have never tried to remove the covers - too nervous - don't have surgeon hands
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