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Apparently the Denon 1912 had the Cnet Editors' Choice award in 2011, if that means anything. And they think the Pioneer 1022 isn't as good as the 1021, for some reason. I'm starting to think that Cnet may be suspect..
Ok, so, scratching the Marantz, the updated best-picks list looks like this: Yamaha 471 / $190 HK 1700 / $200 Pioneer 1022 / $250 Denon 1613 / $260 Onkyo 609 / $270 Denon 1912 / $340 I'm sure I could remove one from the Yamaha/HK pair and the Pioneer/Denon/Onkyo trio. None of these are really bad, from what I can tell. But usually with these kinds of purchases, you don't figure out what you want until you own the thing you don't.
The only other receivers that I've found so far that could be added to the list would be: Onkyo TX-NR609 ($270) - Doesn't have the HDMI problems, voted receiver of the year in 2011 by cnet, I think MARANTZ NR1402 ($290) - It's listed as 50w per channel, but I think that won't matter with my setup anyway.
Will look at the HK AVR-1700 -- Check out this thread if you haven't already -- http://www.avsforum.com/t/1429194/the-new-harman-kardon-avr1700/90 Seems like the main downfall of the 1700 is the lack of Audyssey, but other than that is comparable to the Denon 1613 or the Yamaha 473. And at $200 seems a good deal, as the 473 is almost $100 more. Annoying that it's in-store only, though. So, it looks like this so far: Yamaha 471 $190 HK 1700 $200 Denon 1613 $260 Don't...
Thanks, Raaj -- Are there any AV Receivers you would recommend that I'm not considering right now under $400? I'm using 6ohm speakers, so should be fine either way on that front. I'm just using a front audio system, with two towers, a central channel and a subwoofer, so I'm not sure if MultiEQ offers much, as there's not much to adjust. (Pioneer Andrew Jones line speakers) Is there a compelling reason to go for the 473 over the 471? There's a $100 price difference, but...
Thanks, GaryWA & Bond007 -- Still not decided yet, but getting closer. Thanks for answering some of my questions! Currently between Yamaha RX-471 ($190), Denon AVR-1613 ($260), Yamaha RX-473 ($290). Leaning toward the Yamaha, but still not sure whether or not Denon's Audessey Dynamic EQ/Volume really help that much. I don't have a surround system to calibrate, just front speakers, so I don't think Audessey MultEQ would do much. However, the Dynamic Volume/EQ might be...
Agreed.So, the most important features for sound quality are, what, exactly?Dynamic Volume? Dynamic EQ? MultiEQ/2EQ/YPAO? Dolby's sound suite? THX-Certification? Compressed-audio enhancement?Any of these really matter that much? The sound source is mostly going to be Apple TV (iPhone/iPad streaming) and stuff played directly from a computer via HDMI.All I really care about is sound quality from my small setup.I want to go with the Yamaha you recommended, as the price is...
I'm not sure how I would go about hooking up my Andrew Jones Pioneer subwoofer to the V373, as it has a dedicated single-jack for the subwoofer, whereas the subwoofer I have uses the red-white split connection jack. Hm. It seems to have an audio-out port next to the subwoofer single-jack, so maybe that would work..
Can anyone speak to the differences between the Yamaha models? The V373, V473, and V573 are all within my budget. Are there any appreciable differences in sound quality between these, considering my modest setup? There is also the question of the Yamaha RX-V471, which is only $10 more than the V373..
Thanks, Gary -- That was definitely one I was considering. So, the list so far is: Yamaha RX-V373 ($190, new) Denon AVR-1612/3 ($200/$260, refurb) Denon AVR-1712 ($310, refurb) Does anyone have any opinions on these three Denon models vs the Yamaha? Are there any other models anyone would recommend besides these (under $400)?
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