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Thanks Gene. I've ordered the BluRay version of this disc.
Can someone please explain what the Disney WOW disc is and how to get one? I keep seeing references to it but I have no idea what it is, nor exactly what it does. Thanks in advance.
It certainly could ....... BUT, remember that Vizio says "only a small number" of the TV(s) in this range have the problem. They simply issued a broad spectrum notice to alert people of the POSSIBLE problem and to let those involved know that THEIR warranty for that particular problem would be extended to 2 years.I happen to own a WAN 46 ....... serial number. I called Vizio & they offered me this:1. Have the TV repaired2. Extend the warranty to 2 years3. Replace the...
Correct. The serial # of 60 doesn't exist. Those numbers represent the "week number" of the year. The highest would have been a 52.In 2012 the serial numbers were WAN ##########. In 2013 they are now WAP ####### (beginning with 01 etc.)
HULU (Plus) I believe is one of the apps available using the VIA button on your remote.
Yes it is and I'm most happy with it. Monoprice is a 1st class outfit to do business with, too. And no I don't work for them. I just buy audio / video stuff from them when necessary. Just be sure to put longer bolts into the back of the TV (not the ones that come pre-installed). They are included in the Monoprice hardware bag. Gently screw in the longer ones and you'll feel that they seat all the way without damaging the insides of the TV. I opted to use spacers...
I installed my 60" using the PREMIUM mount that you referenced. The only difference between it and the "standard" mount is that the premium is thicker. It is a very sturdy mount. When mounted, if I measure from the wall to the front of the bezel of the TV it is 4". You have to get pretty close to the wall to see any space behind the TV.I would recommend the PREMIUM mount.
My TV is a " 46 " serial number, which fortunately doesn't have issues. BUT, Vizio has NOT contacted me regarding the issues they are having.My set is working great and I just recommended to a friend in NJ that he buy one. He did yesterday through Amazon for $888.00. Today Amazon has the price back up to $999.00.
I never change my picture mode. I use VIVID (although at this point it is CUSTOM, because I've changed the settings) and it seems to work for everything. I believe I have your settings but have not yet tried to use them. Since it is Saturday and there isn't much on TV I think I might go try them right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check out www.monoprice.com They have great stuff at very reasonable prices. And their on-line tech support is excellent at helping you figure out which product you need.
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