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I replied in another thread here (http://www.avsforum.com/t/1442157/official-lg-47ls4500-55ls4500-owners-thread/60#post_22691777) and am having an extreme frustration with having been what I feel like as duped. I bought this TV specifically for the fast 120hz TruMotion Soap Opera Like Effect in order to play games and watch fast action movies and sports, but to my dismay, the lag looks comparable to my last 32" 60hz LCD. Way to much lag to be considered 'not blurry.' I'm...
Just tried chatting with someone from LG named Ana. I asked her about the TruMotion setting on this TV and said I cannot find a setting for it. She said, "by default, TruMotion is enabled for your model and cannot be altered"
Just bought this TV as of November 24, received it in the mail the 30. Worked amazing (for a few days) until hundreds of tiny gray horizontal lines littered the screen from top to bottom on all inputs. No clue why just popped up while watching it one day. Working on getting a replacement from the site I bought it from as we speak. Regardless... getting on point, the TV is/was great except for the fact that I specifically bought it for that "soap opera" effect so I could...
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