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Hey everyone, I recently finished putting together my theater. I let audyssey do its thing and tried out some blu rays. WOW, I was blown away. Everything sounds amazing. Highs are perfect, bass is incredible, and still sounds perfect at nearly painful volume. I put in the alice in chains unplugged dvd, and again, sounds amazing. In both instances the receiver set itself to dolby digital. But when I try cd's it just doesn't sound right. Highs dont seem as crisp, and the...
I just wanted to give a quick thank you to avsforums, specifically jay1 and zieglj01 for their help with my first 5.1 setup. With their recommendations I ended up ordering the focal chorus 814v fronts, cc814 center, and 705v for surrounds. Along with a denon 3311 avr and outlaw audio lfm-1 plus sub. This setup is absolutely amazing, and I wouldn't have put it together without your help. Thank you guys, im loving it!
Thanks, I'll probably look harder at the onkyos. You have to go so damn high in the denon line to get pre-outs.
Thanks guys, I was originally looking at the onkyo's, but there are tons of threads about reliability issues. Should I be concerned? And with the denon, would the 30 less watts even make a difference or would that still be plenty of power?
@Lovin- The 814's are 8ohm and 91.5 dbl. They are supposed to be fairly easy to drive. Not sure on spl. I do prefer my music and movies loud. And I really don't have a favorite because of my limited experience with any of them.
Hey guys, I'm finally getting my 5.1 put together. With help from the folks in the speaker forum I ordered some Focal chorus 814v fronts, cc800 center and an Outlaw LFM-1 PLUS sub. (The 705 surrounds will get ordered shortly) everything arrived yesterday and they are all beautiful. But I can't even listen to them because I can't make up my mind on an avr. Every time I think ive made up my mind for some reason I do more research (mostly here) and I find tons of complaints....
That seems to be a big plus for most people. I've just been reading that the D3 amps in the pioneers are a beast with all channels driven. Didn't know just how much of a difference Audyssey really was.
Hey guys, quick update and one last question. I ordered the focal 814v towers and the matching center. And since outlaw was having a sale I ended up ordering a LFM-1 plus for $499 shipped. So for now I just need the avr. I was going to step it up a bit and order the denon 2312 for $499 shipped. But I saw newegg had a new pioneer sc-1222 for $549 shipped. So any thoughts? Refurbished denon 2312 Or New pioneer SC-1222 The $50 price difference really isn't a factor for...
I have ordered multipled refurbished receivers from AC4less and have had zero issues. Keep in mind they are an authorized Denon reseller, so you get a full manufacturers warranty.[/quote]Awesome, thanks
Anyone have any experience with factory refurbished equipment? Seems like a great bargain if they are like new again.
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