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Looks like its for Stereo listening, any comments?
http://www.soundfountain.com/amb/speaker.html for your info, MitsMarty
I'm trying to decide between a L810 vs a Klipsh RS-41 left/right rears for my 5.1 system. Any comments or advice? thanks mitsmarty
any thoughts, L810 seems to be a lesser know speaker. appreciate comments. MitsMarty
I like Klipch brightenss for center channel cause watching TV the volume is usually low, got it pointing right at our faces. for left and right stuff don't want it so bright. Never heard of Ascend so I'll check them out.Thanks,Marty
In below picture, you can see a white corner shelf (right above closed door) which a surround will sit on, need help picking best for this layout. I was considering the Definative ProMonitor 800 or 1000, but didn't know how bass radiator would work with about 5 inches space between it and ceiling above . Some more info: 1) Speaker will be hard wired. 2) Distance from shelf to ceiling above is 15 inches 3) Other surround speaker will also sit on matching self but...
All my 5.1 speakers are cheapy, except center, its the Klipsh RC-41. I will upgrade rest soon. In my opinion having bright for center channel is the best, because I don't listen to it at full blast and the sound is very clear especially human voices. Speaker is pointed right where are ears are. When listening to music I don't sit where watch TV, so Getty Lee won't sound like a Nazgul. For left and right I don't want it bright , maybe Definative hardware is a...
It seems speakers from Klipsh are anywheres from 91-97 dB in sensitivity and many others are 86-89. I understand what sensitivity means with respect to a microphone placed 1 meter away, but I don't understand with respect to sound fidelity, basically the pros and the cons. Why the difference? I've folks mention Klipsh speakers have a "bright" sound, but trying to understand what it all means. appreciate comments, Marty
Thank you very much, can a bookshelf be used for surrounds? I'm considering klipsh RB-41, cause its small and my center channel is RC-42. Yes I'll beef up the R/L fronts.
Got a Yamaha RX-V473, speaker speaks below, and its not complete. 1) Rate Output Power (2-channel driven), 8 ohm: for each speakers its 95 Watts. 2) Rated Output Power (1- channel drive, 8 ohm: for each speakers its 135 Watts. My system is a 5.1 and will not be running at full volume, so what max power rating should my Surround L&R speakers be??? Can it safely be less than 95 watts, as I was considering getting one rated at 50 watts max, Please advise,...
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