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Thanks, this seems to have fixed it!
Oh, well I can still watch TV as it is--just not while the AVR is in standby. So I will disregard the component/optical suggestion and just hope the next firmware update fixes the issue. Thanks for the input,
Just tried resetting the microprocessor, and that did not fix the issue. I'm not sure I follow your second suggestion. So instead of HDMI from DTV box to AVR, I should try component and optical cable? Will that still allow the signal to pass through with the AVR on standby? My goal here is to be able to watch TV without having to turn the AVR on. A small conduit to the built-in cabinets restricts the number of cables I can have running to the TV, so I cannot connect...
Hi all, 1913 owner here. For some reason, I am starting to experience what I think is a handshake issue. I currently have one hdmi cable from my Samsung TV to the AVR. All the other components (bluray player, DirecTV h25, and PS3) are connected to the AVR via HDMI. I set HDMI pass-through on the AVR to cable box/sat so that I can watch TV without having to always turn on the AVR. Anynet/CEC is currently disabled. This setup has worked for me up until now (I did not...
Well, I relocated the antenna, and have gotten up to 33 channels. I'm satisfied with the channel selection (even when we only got 14), but on some we have to reposition the antenna ever so slightly. Will an amplified antenna (like the leaf plus or Radio Shack Amplified HDTV antenna) be better in any way?
Hello all. I know nothing about antennas, and would like assistance or suggestions on which one might work best in my home. Here are my results from TV Fool: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3dcc498a50830da6 Edit: I guess I should mention that I tried the Mohu Leaf, and while it did pull in about 14 channels, I am wondering if there is something out there that is "better" (indoor). I'm sure I would get better results if I put it in a window,...
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