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...please support to make this happen. I made a request in the Lumagen forum to enhance the build-in pattern generator with free selectable window sizes and APL pattern with free selectable APL level. Lumagen already put it on the "possible feature list", but some more requests could be very helpful that this becomes true. I think everyone would have a great benefit out of it. here's the...
thanks again Doug! I will do to Your suggestion and choose medium brightness for 17.I think barely visible is the key sentence.no, within all the 15 steps 16 stays completely dark.
under other circumstances I would fully agree with You regarding the changes in the service-menu. But I have an EU model with brightness cap at 23 fL and MLL of 0,006fL in ISF mode. So I choosed the THX cinema which gives me 30fL and MLL 0,003fL. In THX mode I have to do service-menu calibration because no options in the TV menu. But before doing this I carefully note all settings and took pictures. I always can go back to defaults!
thanks for advice. By default 17 flashes quite bright, maybe too much? After calibration 17 is a lot dimmer. My thought was that brightness setting is optimal at the point when the first pixels start to flash in 17. So is my thought wrong and should I rise up SUB-BRT after calibration to get the default brightness of 17?
when using the black clipping pattern from AVSHD disc bar 17 should be flashing and evreything below 16 should be dark to set brightness correctly. But bar 17 flashing becomes relative when using SUB-BRT in the service-menu of the VT50. With SUB-BRT I can fine tune the brightness very well, from a few pixels flashing (5-6 per square-inch) up to complete bar 17 flashing, about 15 steps in-between. I'm wondering what would be the right setting?
Hey, I'm new to this great forum and just read this thread. As a DIY calibrator with about 1 year experience, and still learning, i'm always interested optimizing my VT50EU. Just wondering if someone figured out the correct pattern size for Panasonic VT30/VT50? Did some pattern from 2% to 20% (area) and 50% stimulus (RGB126/126/126) for testing. If anyone still interested:   The Excel sheet column A/B/C/D show the sizes, rest was just for calculation. Other file format...
New Posts  All Forums: