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I know it seems weird but it did solve the problem for me, and 2 of the emitter outputs are adjustable which may help too.
Ive seen similar problems in the past. You may try relearning the codes in, but also you can get an MRF260 for about $120. That solved the problem for me at one clients house. Its also nice to not have to aim the remote at a sensor.
I find RTI and Lutron RadioRa2 to be more reliable, stable and customizable. Will do everything you are asking for.
What kind of receiver do you have? RTI has 2 way drivers for most newer network and rs232 capable receivers. Typically this can give you feedback on volume, surround mode etc..
An RTI XP3 and iPad panel would also be a good solution. RTI software is one of my favorites and really allows for customization of your interface.
I have several Sonance Sonamp 1250MKii 12 channel power amplifiers for sale. They were installed in a home that was only occupied for half the year and was rarely used. They were $1999 new, I am asking $599 ea+shipping. Product Information Inject some incredible power into your audio system with the Sonamp 1250 amplifier that boasts a superior performance. This 12-channel amplifier can be configured to power up to 12 speakers at once to meet the demands of home theatre...
K Shep... Hilarious! I have integrated RTI, Radio Ra2, and the alarm system to do exactly what you describe. All of the devices in the alarm, ie the motion detectors and door contacts, can trigger macros in the RTI system. Depending on what "low" means, this could be a possibility. Ive done smaller homes for under $10k, and larger homes for $100k+, just depends on what you are looking for.
I agree. I do have builders and decorators I work with on a regular basis, but they dont force their clients to use me, nor do I provide a kick back. They have become comfortable with me and my guys, and recommend us because of our work and customer service, rather than because they are looking for a cut of the deal.
I wouldnt call it "buying", but a lot of integrators develop relationships with builders in hopes of getting all of their projects. The builders highly suggest these integrators for the project, but ultimately the decision should be left to the home buyer. These integrators often times will offer the builder a small percentage of the each project, and offer the client the option to include it in their mortgage as an incentive. I havent run across too many builders that...
Are you using a processor of any type? If so, which one? Without seeing your programming file, I would say you need to check the output tab of your properties page. The newest releases of ID have great discreet codes for Vizio.
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