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My first review on here! The samsung PN51f8500: http://www.avsforum.com/products/samsung-pn51f8500-51-inch-3d-smart-plasma-hdtv/reviews/4342
I downloaded pictures of various colors, put on flash drive, and set to slide show to do my break in.
When i have my raspberry pi into my "media player" input on my receiver, and try to change picture settings on my f8500, it limits me to "standard" and "entertain" This happens even when my input is not labeled for anything specific. Any tips?
Got my 51f8500 in today. Beautiful tv!
Ordered my 51f8500 today. Delivered next wednesday.
Think i'm about to go pick up a 50" ST60. Does anyone know the black level difference between the ST60 vs the Samsung f8500 or panasonic VT? I remember the f8500 being like .0018,vt being .0013, but i'm not sure what the ST is
I'm not too familiar with aperion myself, so i can't comment on those. As Giegar said, bookshelfs aren't meant for in wall use. You can buy specific in wall speakers for that, but for the most part i don't think the quality of audio would be quite the same. That being said, i'm also not extremely with in wall units as i prefer towers / bookshelfs.
Do you want tower speakers or bookshelfs? For that price range the only brand i think would work with towers would be Energy. Here is a few different options i think would be good with front towers, rear bookshelfs: Prices are from best buy listings. energy setup: 2x Energy CF30(towers) - $650 1xEnergy ESW-C10(sub) - $429 1xEnergy CB20(bookshelf pair)- $370 1xEnergy CC10(center) - $320 Denon AVR-X2000 - $650 Total: $2419 bowers and wilkins setup: 2x B&W 686 Pair (4...
Depends on how much you want to spend. I have a Denon 1713, Bowers & Wilkins 685, Bowers & Wilkins 686, HTM62C, with a klipsch sub (ran out of funds)... Close to $2,000ish setup. Pioneer has some cheap entry level speakers. Above that i would rate Polk's new TSX speakers... Klipsch makes some good tower speakers and bookshelfs, they have more bass than polk's but slightly less clarity. Looking to spend more than that I would suggest brands such as Bowers & Wilkins,...
I have to get the receiver from Best Buy (work there), and price wise i'm not looking to spend over $800 really for retail price.How would the Denon AVRX-2000 or Denon AVRX-3000 work?
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