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Thanks so much. Done exactly as you said and it works like a charm now. Kuddos to you my friend!!
Ok guys, I need help here. I have the M55 and am trying to get the apps to work. I am hooked up via wireless and have gone through the set up guide and it shows everything as connected. When I go the Vizio apps and try to open them, it pops up and says "Connection Disconnected". When I go back and look at my settings, it still says im connected and shows signal strength and everything. Can someone please help. Do I need to do an update by USB or what? Im stuck and...
Just got the 55" for $760 on an open box deal at Best Buy. Love the TV. Anyone got any calibrated settings they would like to share for the 55". Helpful hints or tips. Ive read a lot of threads and have yet to find one that has the settings in here! Thanks for your advice!
The Sony W900A, is one of the leading tv's for input lag at 18ms, especially in your price range. Unfortunately, it only comes in 55". Everything I have read about this tv (trust me, it has been a lot) has been really promising. From its quick input lag to its Triluminos display technology(which is unique to Sony). This tv really shines, even when compared to higher priced tvs. If your looking for a gaming tv or just a tv in general and you can deal with a 55", I'll go...
Guys, need your advice. I have a pair of RtiA9's and I am wanting to buy an Emotiva external amp to power them and was wondering if I would be better off purchasing the XPA-3 or the XPA-2. I know the XPA-2 produces 300w a channel and the 3 only 200w, but I would also be able to power my center channel leaving my Onkyo 818 to power the heights and rears. Would you go ahead and purchase the XPA-2 and let the 818 take care of the center as well. Just curious as to what you...
Hey guys, I know this has been discussed over and over, I am in really big hurry and don't have time to search for on the forums....but Im about to wire my speakers and was wondering what you guys recommend. Longest run will be about 35 feet. I have 2 A9's. Csi A6, 2RtiA3's, 2 FXi A6s, powered by a Onkyo 818 with a external amp coming in the future. Thanks for the replies. Going to be ordering ASAP, Sorry for the trouble!
I was going to run extra wire upstairs regardless if I ever use it. I know it would be better upstairs but I just don't know if its worth the arguing over. I just really need some advice on what to do if I somehow cant get her to let me move it up there. That back wall with the stairs and door are gonna kill me. My LR, DR, and kitchen are all in one big open 24x37 room with 14ft vaulted ceiling. The LR is 24x17.
BTW, This is where I was wanting to put it. Yeah I know, how much less of a headache would this have been? lol
Alright fellas, If you guys can remember my scenario, I am in the middle of building a house and getting frustrated as heck! My floor plans are changing by the week because of my wife. I have tried to move the HT upstairs to its own dedicated space, but my most precious lady is complaining that I will be the only one to use it. In her words "You got this for everybody, its going in the living room." (She doesn't understand the actual generalization of HT. She thinks you...
I got a practically brand new pair of Rti A3's for sale. Paid $375, will sell for $250.(plus shipping) Alabama Have not had them 3 months. Sound absolutely amazing too!
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