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lol sounds like a plan.. Thats what was looking at anyway so I will just hang tight for right now. I did find a XPA-3 for $425 which I though was a great deal. Im sure there will be another one come up in the future.
Ok, thanksI guess I was just a little concerned. I was told this the other day"""Also, if the 818 benches anything close to my 807, at a 0.1% distortion, 2ch alone will get you higer than the rated 135 @ 0.08% thd. Use 5 channels, your power drops to 105.5 @ 0.1%. Use 7ch, drop to 29.9 @ 0.1%.As you look at the power ratings "of most" AVR's, the more channels you use, the less power you have. With power amps (at least the ones I have), the more power you request i.e....
Nope, just wanting to know what to get for future references. I have heard different amps put out different sounds. (warm,bright) I thought an amp was just supplying power but apparently there is more to it than that. I guess I should have said, "what amp sounds best with Polks" because if I ever upgrade, it will be with PolksBTW, I will be pushing them with the Onkyo 818
Quick question for all you guys. What brand amp would you get to push 2 Polk Rtia3's?
Mike, Those monitor 30's are $84 for a pair. He has 2 pair on there. This is a complete 5.1 system for $350. Pretty close to the same setup I mention except I chose a bigger sub and he chose the better center, the CS2 instead of the CS1.Really nice setup, but like he said, the bass will be lacking (which is what he wanted for his son)
Mike, We are not pushing you to "buy" anything. You get what you want, but the main reason I went with the Polk 5.1 is the simple truth that is the best bang for your dollar right now. A Polk 5.1 for $471 that includes the PSW505 ( which is a great, great bottom dollar sub), will beat the 5.1 HTIB easily. I have heard the MLT-2 and I have heard the Polk system, so I think I have the right to say which one I like better. If you get the HTIB, sure, you will be very happy...
I already gave you a very good 5.1 Polk system for $471.4- Monitor 30's a CS1 Center and a PSW505 sub. It wasnt from Amazon so you disregarded it. If you can sell your gift cards, that would be a good option and be $22 over budget.
Right now on Ebay you can get 4- Monitor 30 booskhelves, CS1 Center, and a PSW505 for $480. If you can find a used receiver fro $3-350, that will be right there around the $800 budget.Buy the Denon 1713 that someone mentioned earlier for $320 and your right at your budget with a nice setup
LOL.. hey man, no confusion.I know its not much, as a matter of fact, not even really what I need, especially for my HT....but hey, they do make them..
I have heard Energy speakers, I just have not heard that specific set ( The Energy Take 5.1) Yes, Energy does make really good speakers.I'll tell you what, I have been roaming around looking for something other than a HTIB.If you can set your budget at $500 and you want a 5.1, take a look at this.Mains and surrounds$89 x2= $178http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAIR-Monitor-30-CHERRY-Bookshelf-Speakers-Polk-Audio-/360480527248?pt=Speakers_Subwoofers&hash=item53ee505390Center...
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