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No kidding, I was looking around in the $250 range. If he can spend $500, thats a big step up. Heck, he can get a pair of very good towers for that price.
http://shop.emotiva.com/collections/amplifiers/products/xpa200I do understand your point and thank you for filling me in on that. Im not the greatest at breaking down wattage when you use more channels. Thanks again.I had no idea the wattage drops so bad from 5.1 to 7.1, a 60 watts?? Wow. I will definately get an amp to power my 2 mains then
It looks as though they are very similiar. The Rti28 has a little bit wider range, can handle 25 more watts and is made of real wood. Both are lacking in the bass category (as most booskhelves will). You would think that the 7 years that seperate them, there would be some vast improvement between the 2. I'm not seeing a huge difference. I think I would just get what best fits my other speakers.Spec wise there is not a big difference, Maybe someone who has heard these can...
If your stuck on getting it all at once, I have heard the Martin Logan MLT-2 and I liked them for what they were. Amazon has it at $369.http://www.amazon.com/MartinLogan-MLT-2-Theater-System-Black/dp/B0049P2000/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1355830256&sr=1-1&keywords=mlt2&tag=vig-20The Energy Take system you mentioned has some good reviews on it as well although I cant speak for them because I have never heard that system. I know Energy makes good speakers though....
ahhhh, ok thanks. Yes, makes much more sense now!!
Excuse my ignorance, but what does WAF mean? sorry, but Ive been trying m best to figure it out and all I have come up with is "Whack as F,..K " and "What a Failure" lol
Living room is 24x17, Living, Dining, and Kitchen is 24x38Notice that it is vaulted ceiling and where there is a blue line behind the couch, there is not a wall. It opens up into the kitchen and dining. My A3's will sit at listening height on each side of the TV and on shelves on the back wall behind near the hobby room. The TC80's will be in ceiling just on top of the loveseat.I know its not ideal, but its what I have to work with considering the wife doesnt want...
I'll go ahead and ask the question that everybody will want to know anyways.. What is your budget including speakers and receiver?
Ok good, thanks for making me feel better about it.1.I purchased the Onkyo NR 818 while it was on sale at Newegg. I am looking at the Emotiva XPA-200 to drive my mains so the rest of the reciever can push the others. I think that would be more than enough to push what I have. I may lay off the Emotiva until I hear it. It may push them ok without it, not sure yet.2.The 818 has Audyssey XT32 so I should be good there.3.My sub (for now) is the DSW440.Am seriously thinking...
I have no idea if I like them or not, they are going in my new house and I am in the process of building it. Just a little concerned that I might have made a mistake, thats all..
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