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Thanks, do you have a link to the product? I just did a Google and it returned a whole range of options. Not sure which is best or if i go the any route.
legend. thanks mate!
Hi guys, weird question and its probably got a noob answer.. I've just hooked up my Wii and the video doesn't seem to be output to the TV (via HDMI Out). I have an xbox & media player connected and they're working normally (on HDMI 1 & 2). I believe I've set it up correctly, I've plugged it into AV2, and set the Audio to come through via Audio 1. The sound comes through fine (on both Audio 1 & 2 when I move the Red/White cables between both 1 & 2). It's just the...
So I've got the receivers remote turning on the tv which is good cuz it also turns the receiver on...saving me a button press though I wanted to ask, when I press the same button (to turn off the TV) is the receiver supposed to turn off? I'm not sure if its supposed to or I'm impatient or its not supposed to.
I've got the YWA-10 and to be honest I find it rather annoying. I'm a fan of zero standby power so turn everything off via a powerboard, anyways when I switch the powerboard on....sometimes the wireless adapter doesn't pick up an IP address...quite annoying! I'll generally come home, switch the power board on, go to the toilet/go prep dinner/go do something in the garage etc. and control the receiver via the mobile app....with no IP it doesnt work and physical access is...
I have a slightly different issue, I think someone had a similar issue on page 40 or so (I cant remember).My issue is the TV (HX850) flickering when I turn the xbox on, it goes away after a few seconds and all is normal. All connected via hdmi.
I don't know what Bi-Amp is, and only have a 5.1 + RX-V673, what should this be set to? It's currently set to Bi-Amp which I think is wrong..though the other selections their pictures show two too many speakers..help!
Hey all, I'm experience audio lag when using my xtreamer media player (connected via HDMI). I've got another tv which is a Sony KDL46W4500 and there is no lag when using the same media player and HDMI cable...are there any settings which I could toggle? or do you guys have any suggestions in general? It's a straight connection via HDMI between the media player & tv, nothing else in-between e.g. receiver etc.
Upgraded the firmware in hope it would resolve Airplay dropouts with the iphone 4s...to no avail, what dramas! > Inserted USB formatted as FAT with file on root dir and set the upgrade method to usb...didn't work! > Hesistantly plugged in the wifi adapter to the front port and proceeded to upgrade.....got to like S5 X% then it crapped itself! Error! 2000... Cried a little then did the recovery via the same USB stick and it worked...... Airplay/Iphone 4S still...
Are you saying you can't push music to the receiver (when its set to Airplay) via your itunes on the computer?
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