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Thanks for the answer. I'll probably be alright with the H-100 or F-12, since the only thing I can compare them to is a old 8 inch Onkyo sub that was in a home theater bundle.As long as it better than that, I'm happy.
I'm having trouble deciding what sub to get. My budget is around $200. I'm looking at the BIC H-100, BIC F-12 and Polk PSW505 I recall reading somewhere that the H-100 and F-12 are basically the same, is that true? I would also like to add a second sub eventually, if that makes any difference in choosing. Usage would be 60% music, 40% movies
I saw this at a local theater and was very surprised by it. Definitely the best documentary I saw last year. I will say that the less you know, the more incredible the story is.
I bought a referb VX-11 off of Velodyne's ebay and I cant get any sound to come through it. My old sub is a Onkyo SKW-100 that was bundled with a ten year old 6.1 system. The Onkyo works fine connected with LFE. I've tried two different RCA cables, messed around with the settings on my receiver and tried playing music through my pc and a bluray, but still nothing from the vx-11.The power light comes on and I've messed with the volume on the sub. I can't think of anything...
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