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I was considering picking up a set in black for my front high's.
Nice, they look really sharp in cherry. What position are you using them in?
Looking good Dan.
I had the Northridge E90 which I believe are close to your Stadium speakers (Your ports face rearward the E90's face forward). When I switched them out for a pair of L890's it was like night and day the bass these things are capable of is incredible and clean, the detail in the mids and highs are fantastic, I'm hearing things in my music I didn't know were there prior. The sound stage is pretty impressive as well, they fill the room with good clean music and the speakers...
You are correct, you will need an external amp to get to 9.2.
Thanks Guys, I'll give one of the 2 a shot.
I'm using the MK710.
I tried a logitech wireless keyboard and it didn't work, the player puts up the message "Unsupported USB Device". Oh well
The wired works fine, I will try my wireless after work today.
My wife would have had an issue with 2 receivers online at the same time.Thanks, I also gave them my XBox360 with all the games for the kids for nothing and sold my 400cc scooter for 1 grand less than it was worth to the same person. I like to help people when I can however I can.
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