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Great room Clyde...I might actually have a chance at selling my wife on something that looks that good for such a bargin! Now if Jeff could just clone himself for the rest of us around the country.
I completely agree...have lived by this motto for years with TV's, Computers, and video games. I find my wife is much more supportive when I show her the original MSRP compared to the price I pay, which is always WAY less. A great way to get into great gear and still keep your wife happy! Downside is reading through all these great threads here on AVS and pining away all year for the gear you want haha.
For what its worth I worked for Futureshop on and off for the past five years and have had many hours of listening to the RF-82's and 62's as they were and are one of my favorite speakers. We were all a little confused when the 82's were replaced with the 800 and 600 models, and equally surprised at the lack of information available (internal product knowledge training is very hit and miss within the company). Fortunately we still had our floor model 82's when the 800's...
New Posts  All Forums: