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Thanks, when XP is booted, it does show New Hardware Device Found notice, so drive may be bad since it does not show up in 2.5.3, only drive showing is the XP drive. Will try to format the drive with Western Digital tools later.
Want to reformat the drive I have, where is the program to reformat? Have RTVPatch_2.5.3, but may need current version. Drive does not show up in RTVPatch_2.5.3 running on XP. Would like to extract the shows, but extract_rtv5 will not open in XP, have downloaded several times.
Replay 2004, Dual Hard Drives, needs modem repair, looks like bad capacitor. Works, but will not connect to Replay TV. Will need new hard drives, they are working, but noisy. $25.00, located in Northeast. Has Lifetime Subscription. This is the all metal black model, made in the USA, was originally about $1000.
RTV 4504 stuck on Please Wait Screen after a power failure. HD seems corrupted, downloaded RTV Patch, but cannot open on Windows XP. File is extract_rtv5 latest file. Want to remove HD from 4504 and reformat drive, can extract_rtv5 do that?
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