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Was the upgrade to XT32/SubEQ a huge difference over XT for your FV15HPs?I think its going to be a pain in the a$$ selling my Marantz SR7007 even though its relatively brand new and running extremely well. Is there any place besides AVS classifieds or ebay to sell used AVR equipment anyone recommends??
I just think one needs to be careful of their AVR. Put in crap, get out crap. The only bad comments or cautions on the FV15HP I have read about was someone in Middle East......turned out bad AVR. Then my experience......bad AVR. Sure its a generalization but for a non-experienced such as me, seems to be a noteworthy point. I wish I invested in XT32, but XT should be cool. I got a great deal on a Marantz SR7007, not worth it to me now to upgrade there. We shall...
Can anyone post pics of a matte black version of FV15HP? Im depating color. Piano black is nice. Black oak would match my klipsch towers but matte black would match console. Hmmmm.
good point. but they are all using the same AVR per sub. And the owner typically sets it up, then is demo,d. The error would or should be distributed across subs fairly right?
I just wanted to follow up on this. I had the opportunity to demo a FV15HP and was completely unsatisfied. The owner had it hooked up to an old HK AVR at the time. We both knew something was wrong and we chatted about this earlier in the thread. I and others recommended a new AVR. I and others recommended some options and he ended up purchasing a Marantz SR7008 with XT32 and subEQ. His comments on this addition sounded better but were still tempered on how excited he...
Hey Kyle,Did you ever figure out your settings and dial in that FV15HP? Sounds like the Marantz SR7008 didnt help? WTF? The output should be F_kn insane in your apartment. Did the new AVR help at all on that level? I'd love to come down again and check it out. just got an Umik-1 from cross spectrum if it helps. From what I heard during the demo (cloverfield and Ender's game) Im completely stumped about the output that everyone describes in this thread for the...
Yeah, sorry I got you confused, you guys have both been extremely informative. Most of your posts go hand in hand with his thats why I remembered wrong. I've got to check out one of these GTGs. There seems to be nothing close to demo with extreme power in SoCal. I need to educate myself with exactly what sound and feel Im looking for. The demos I have been on have just confused me more. I need big impact bass.
Didnt you trade Caps in for Submersive HPs? Could you comment in that respect.I recently demo'd a FV15HP in a small apartment, I was definitely underimpressed with it, didnt go deep nor had the SPL I anticapated. I felt I could reach better deeper louder and clearer bass with just my Klipsch RF-7II's!!! And I have a 24'' x 16'' room!! Perhaps there is a set up problem with it but sounded not the case to me.I'm surprised by the FV15HP comments on the thread, maybe I just...
+1. Best I've heard. Beeman, get enders. Great movie, great book series, great sound. The rocket launches are deeep.
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