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I've had mine for 2 months now...Picture is great. I've noticed that on certain programs that there is a shuttered picture at times. It does not even necessarily have to be a fast motion scene. I watch everying in normal mode. Do I need to change any setting to get rid of this problem. By shuttered I mean like a super quick blur to the next frames or like a stop and go for a few seconds, very quick again. Its hard to explain..Thanks
I can't figure out how to view photos on my pc on my 46 inch es7100. The tv shows the Picasa program (where the photos are) but when I click Picasso nothing happens. The only other thing that I have used has been Utube which works fine. Any suggestions? Thanks
Morning, I've had my 46 inch 7100 for a month now. Love it but I have 2 new issues with it that started a few days ago. First, when changing channels using the cable box the screen goes black and then I have to wait for the source to show (HDMI3) and then the picture comes on. This takes only 6 ot 7 seconds but is annoying, The more serious problem now is that the picture comes on and then goes off about every 3 seconds. The only way to fix it is to shut the tv off and...
I've owned the 46 inch es7100 for a month now and was very pleased with it. But I've had two problems over the last week. The first one I noticed is that when I change channels (using the cable box) the screen goes black and then the source shows up (hdmi3) and then the picture comes on. We're only talking about 5-6 seconds but it does get frustrating after a while. The more serious problem now is that at times the picture basically goes on and after constantly at about...
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