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Are there some settings in my Denon 2113CI that I should dig into and make sure are set, to avoid issues like I'm having?Right now, as other posters have stated, it could be that my STB going through my XBox then into my AVR has very high potential of "handshaking" issues, so its my own fault for going through that may hops basically. Which I can totally understand, and it seems that is a big key to this issue.I'm sure if I did plug everything straight into the TV with its...
I tried this method this AM, no help, really weird, I can get it on with voice about 20% of the tries. Weird.
Ok I'll give that a shot, maybe I did something wrong the first time.Xbox Off works great, just that darned Xbox On doesn't.
Hummm, wonder what I'm doing wrong? Is there a way to retrain it?
Yeah, those workarounds have been in my head, but I hate to lose the "cool" factor of having the STB run through the Xbox, I've read on the Xbox thread there is a known bug for something similar, so maybe its something they can fix by doing what you said and turning the TV on last? I haven't taken the time to notice what order they turn on in, or if I can change that order. I suppose I can if I start using my Harmony One remote again, but I was having fun using the Xbox...
So at this point its sounding like its more of an Xbox issue, and maybe a known one, and could be fixed in an upcoming patch?How does the voice power on work for you? Power off works great, but "Xbox On" doesn't work very well.
Yeah so its the Samsung error screen saying something about can't find the STB, and to click on an icon to find it, then it tries to and eventually says no signal on HDMI 1.Do you have a Samsung or a different brand TV? It sounds similar, I don't get a signal, I get the screen from Samsung like it can't find the signal.The only way to get the TV signal, that I've found, is to unplug the power cable from the back of the TV, then back in again.
Hello all, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue I'm having with my setup, which is a Samsung F8500, Denon AVR-2113CI Receiver, Xbox One, Cox (Cisco STB). I have my STB running through my XBox One, which is then fed into the AVR, most of the time its great, but 3 out of 7 times or so, when we power on the Xbox One, which has the ability to power on all of the components and does so well, but there are times the TV can't find the signal for the Xbox/STB combo. So I'm...
So you've seen a lot of talk on here about issue with the F8500 and Denon?
Does anyone else have any issues when you power on your XBox One out of the standby mode, and it powers on all your devices, the AVR, TV, STB etc, but the TV doesn't find the signal? I have to manually unplug the power cable from the back of my TV, and plug it back in and the signal then comes through. I don't know if this is an XB issue, TV issue, AVR issue or what.
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