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You are sure a pro but can look also at Power Director, you got nice 3D features such as 3D titles Sent from my Z10 using Tapatalk
I found also the EMTEC Movie Cube solution, nobody know it?
Ahh now I found it, USB port was on the side!I will check the supported formats that appear to be pretty complete, maybe it's the right solution.The only problem I can see its the lack of DTS audio support, this is a huge limitation.Streaming its not applicable: they haven't any Internet connection at home.
They haven't any PC nor they wanted to use time to learn. A little simple box to be attached to TV is what is needed.
My parents are at all not tech-savvy so there are nor reason to invest. A basic solution it's more than enough
Yes appear to be really interesting, but after a fast check appear to be not available here in Europe.Any other idea?
Searching for a cheap media player to be used from my parents. Need to read common video and pictures format from external USB sources such as USB key or HDD, and exit with HDMI. No interest for wireless or complicated things, just the basics but easy and reliable. I was reading about WD TV Play but doesn't have USB port, or Seagate GO Flex TV but I read bad things about his ability to display different formats. Read better about Asus OPlay Mini, with some compromise on...
I'm testing the display of 3D video files played from USB stick to my TV. I really can't find a rule how this is working: MVC 1080 24p 25Mbps DON'T work MVC 720 25p 10Mbps DON'T work MVC 576 25p 6Mbps DON'T work SBS 1080 variable frame rate 15Mb tot DON'T work SBS 720 variable frame rate 6Mbps (12Mbps total) DON'T work SBS 576 50i 6Mbps (12Mbps total) WORK Info from MediaInfo, all files in AVC .m2ts container. The TV manual state officially support the standard video...
The problem with traditional stereo cameras it's coming from price or limitations. TD30 it's marketed in the $1000 price tag, and as I read has some limitations also respect TD10. Cheaper 3d stereo cameras such as Toshiba Camileo Z100 are really limited such as features (i.e. no optical zoom). Also HD hero is nice, but you need to buy 2 cameras + the 3D kit, meaning about $600, with a bulky kit and many things to care about. My idea is that combining different...
Want something lighter than traditional stereoscopic cameras, since now I find these technologies for 3d video creation, but don't know if there are a suitable solution for retail grade video creation: (- Stereoscopic cameras, with two lens that can capture the scene parallax. New Sony TD30 its a good example. Well know but costly, bulky or really limited) - Active depth calculation such as time of flight or structured light where a standard sensor capture color video...
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