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I have 2 s-80's and I am running a s-125c center m&k. it timbre matches any m&k speaker.I got lucky and found the center on audiogon for 100 dollars shipped and in great shape. currently craigslist and ebay have 1 available for 300 dollars. both sites shipped. the center is a 4 ohm at 50-400 watts rms.the s-125 center originally sold for 640 dollars. just to throw out an option for you.
i also have s-80's for l and r and i run a m&k s125c (4 ohm) center channel for them. sounds great in the small bedroom
thanks +12345!
thanks bill now i feel informed.thanks for your help
sorry bill i was going off my old car auidio days of more watts must mean better. but like you stated if its less than a decibel than it's wortless. i just liked the figures on that site with less resistance.right now i have 12/2 wire powering150 watts a channel.i am fine until i sell my receiver and go with a pre amp and amp at 400 watts a channel.even than i think i will be fine with the 12 gauge.that post was a real question and yes i am that stupid. duh thanks bill
now after entering this site bill i am turned on by buying 8 awg wire due to less resistance and more watts for the speaker while running 400 watts a speaker. i have seen a lot of of copper that is 8awg for about a dollar a foot. some is of copper with tin covering to resist oxygen i guess. would that be okay or better to get a copper with tin plate or stick with the pure copper. thanks,marc
hey todd68 what wire did you decide to go with that mantis 10 did not mention? i want to keep all options out there to further confuse me and hopefully in the long run will help me choose my final decision. thanks,marc
^^ reply from mantis 10 ^^
400 watts per speaker and 400 watts a channel.is what ill be running.
well put comment. i am currently looking at the audioquest 14/2 stranded wire. but i will eventually be running a pre amp and amp to power my 4 ohm speakers.my longest run will be about 32 feet.should i go to a 12 gauge stranded wire since i will be running more power. or just possibly just an aq solid wire??i guess seeing a lot of comments it is personal preference.oh well. thanks everyone for your comments.,marc
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