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Alright guys, I found a subwoofer of sketchy quality - Harman Kardon HK-595. No speakers with it but I'd like to give it a listen. The speaker works as is but the fuse and fuse cap is gone. It says to replace with "T1.6A 125V" fuse, and I understand that I can use a 250V one. The guide states: NOTE: Before replacing fuse, remove AC power plug from the wall outlet. To replace fuse, twist fuse cap counterclockwise with a standard flathead screwdriver. The fuse cap is spring...
I've been browsing around on eBay, looking at used amps. I keep seeing this style of input and I was wondering how it is used. What is it called? Is it able to be used with cd players or turntables? What cables would you use? How about the output? Can it be used with common bookshelf speakers? Thanks for the help!
I like this book, minus the multiple Monster plugs: http://www.amazon.com/Leonard-Recording-Method-Microphones-Mixers/dp/1423430484 It's part 1 of 6. I haven't had a look at the other 5 but this was a great way for me to get my toes (or rather, ears, if you will) wet.
Pictures would be a plus, but you'd probably be content with any of the various home theaters in a box. Just avoid Sony.
From top to bottom: Sherwood DD-1030 cassette player Sansui R-550 Stereo receiver Sanyo CD791 player - nonfunctional LCD screen but all other functions working How much are these worth? Thanks!
I have an iPod Classic plugged in through the RCA port. As a side note, I have my speakers bi-wired, and my 12V adapter is coming from a really nice power strip which is plugged into an outlet with the ground lifted (I live in an old house). The power strip says that "my equipment is protected" because a little LED with that title is on, but the other led in the actual power switch is flickering. Power isn't flickering though. Anything look wrong here?
It's on a wood shelf, but next to two bookshelf speakers and a keyboard. I could get a photo if that would help. Is there some way that I could add a ground wire, maybe soldered to some component in the board and then running somewhere else?
It doesn't have a 3rd prong, only two. Should I get one with three?
I really like my new Lepai Tripath Class-T amp (http://amzn.to/W9fPmF) but it produces a high pitched whine that really ruins it. When I touch the outside box it somewhat decreases. This makes me think it needs to be grounded. It takes a 12V adapter. Is there one that will ground it? I know a little about electronics, how could I ground it myself? Thanks!
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