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i only replied back because someone asked me what kind of tv that i had purchased. we got an amazing deal right before christmas for this tv, i couldn't even had gotten a cheaper tv for the price we got this for, so anyway i'm done here.
hi, i have the LG 47" LM7600 240mz 3D smart tv. has everything you can think of on it, it does have the local dimming
i have a new LG and to me it sounds pretty good. they say speakers can't be but so good because the tv's are so thin, you probably already knew that. if you can afford to get 1 try the new bose solo, its just 1 piece , a power cord and if your tv has the optical output then plug that in, turn off the sound from tv or if you can't turn it off then turn it all the way down. it sounds really good, there is another way to hook up just the optical is best
well everyone with other LG tv's replied back so this was the thread i first posted on. we took the tv back on friday and HHGregg tested it and it wouldn't even come on at the store, they were just hooked up thru the componant thing? lol, red green and blue. it worked with something he had on a usb some blue ray demo to show the picture we were suppose to get, the guy said this tv is "broken". yep even the remote was flipping all over the screen, anyway we picked up the...
have had the LG 47LM7600 since 12-23-12 and we have yet to figure it out. guess its going back. i am going to try 1 more thing and exchange out the cable box from 1 of the tvs in another room. i have called time-warner, i have contacted LG twice and i am just not satisfied. its hard to explain what its doing, picture looks artificial almost 3D like or as if someone is filming a play. when someone moves their hands or turn their heads or turns around you can see it...
yes you did explain it and btw thats exactly what i said in my first post. what i wanted to know , was there anything i could do to make the picture stop doing the streaking, i didn't need for you to explain what was going on, i know nothing about electronics but had already figured that out. we bought the tv thinking we wanted to get the best tv out there for our money which i think we did, problem is it doesn't matter, i don't need a smartass making snide remarks. tried...
shop elsewhere
actually called LG when i first got it hooked up the picture was awful, husband gets irritated at me because he thinks i'm too picky. i didn't pay for a crappy tv, he finally noticed what i kept telling him to look at.. now i don't know what to do about it. anyway LG talked me thru the set up process and the picture is better but still seems to be dragging? just can't explain it. will the cable co. ever update to anything above 60hz? i'll try a few f these suggestions but...
ok what? lol
yes thats what i posted, that is the model #
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