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I actually ended up building the SR-71's, choosing thread is here and build is here. I'm pumped, they even dug deeper than I expected. I still ended up building a sub to accompany.
Sorry about that....... Try this for an OS build, search this forum for other builds/reviews. Here's another try for the Swopes.....discussion and a build. Here's someone asking about a first kit. Hope that helps.
Lots of OS builds on the Parts Express forum: http://techtalk.parts-express.com/search.php?searchid=352171A bunch of Swope builds too: http://techtalk.parts-express.com/search.php?searchid=352173Hope that helps.
A couple questions that might help narrow the field:Will you pair these "mains" with a sub?Primary use? Dual home theater and music duties?What will power them, do you already own an amp and/or receiver?Can you make the cabinet or assemble a flat-pack. Something like this.
I'm short on space, so I'm leaning towards a 1,000W plate amp with built in XO. I've gotten a suggestion for a ported 4 ft3 box tuned to 20hz. This is assuming the specs I dug up are legit. The dimentions for the suggested design would be 17" W x 24" H x 28" D using 3/4" material with an L shaped slot port that is 2" H x 15.5" W x 43.5" long........running back the depth of the cabinet and then up the rear. Sounds good to me, anyone else with suggestions or a previous...
I picked up a 12” TC-1000 on Craigslist awhile back, looks new (see below). It’s a 4ohm SVC. I hunted around for specifications and came up with these: Qts 0.282 Qes 0.305 Qms 3.780 Fs 19hz Res 3.70Ω Ls 2.38mH Lp 3.51mH Rp 2.99Ω Dia 240mm Vas 132l mms 153g cms 460um/N bl 15.4T*m Spl 86.9dB Xmax peak 24.00 mm ….not sure about the specs, there were different versions online...like: http://oaudio.com/TC2_PLUS.html or http://www.avsforum.com/t/1018414/tc...-pe-buyout-129 The...
The box is around 10" deep and I have 19" of space to the back wall. Does BSC = baffle step compensation? If so, I'm not sure.......here's a link to the design http://www.seas.no/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=274&Itemid=248
I thought that sealed or forward firing port were best for near wall placement. Should I look into a modified x-over for my near-wall placement? Since I haven't ordered yet, maybe Madisound could help me out with that?Since I'll add a sub later, I'll stick with the designed box dimensions my first time out. Thanks.
I've been into car audio off and on for a while (mid 90's) and I'm finally ready for good tunes in the house. I'm a DIY'er in general and want to build my first set of speakers. I choose the Idunn, because I wanted to start out with a kit to make things easier on myself and it just exceeded my inital budget, it was close enough for me to get the green light. I will be building my own cabinets for...
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