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My 60" is a TH01.
Thanks keeso, I will give them a try. Did you just leave gamma and film modes, etc. on factory settings? I should also note that I have no flashlighting like my old ES8000 and the off angle viewing is great, despite what a few others have posted.
Sorry, double post!
I joined the club after being refunded for my 60ES8000. Now a happy and proud owner of the 60F8000. Can someone suggest some settings to try without going into the service menu? Thanks in advance!
Yes, I was using 10k's settings on my 60". They were the best I could find for my set and I was very happy with them. I might have tweaked my gamma or warmness just slightly. Now for an update on my saga. My tv started doing the power recycle and crazy lines in February and they wouldn't send someone out to fix it (from Edmonton about 3 hours away), but they offered a refund which I accepted. They finally came to pick up the set two weeks ago and I received the refund...
Can you tell me what they replaced to fix your set?
Darn mouse!
Sorry for the repeat post!
I contacted them through the internet and explained my situation. I also sent them some video of the screen acting up as suggested by another member here. They tried to first get me to bring my tv in to Edmonton (3 hours away). I do not have a vehicle big enough nor do I really want to risk transporting it. I explained this and then they said they would try to find a repair center to come out. I told them I would prefer a replacement set as I love this tv, but they...
arenam and mcat - I have the same problem and am awaiting a refund. They wouldn't send someone out to fix it, but they will send someone to pick it up. Oh well, I will buy another one likely and try to get the squaretrade warranty through costco, but don't think that is an option in Canada if the tv isn't purchased there? My set wasn't very bad initially, but has now become totally unwatchable. I am lucky to get 10 minutes before it goes color crazy and continuous...
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