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I don't know of this matters but I watch everything at reference level (82) on the 818.
Thanks for the all the responses. I have learned alot on this forum and this is my first dedicated home theatre room... last question... I have read litterally thousands of reviews of the SVS sub. and does room placement have anything to do with the sub sounding like its maxing out.. Thats my main problem it almost sounds like the sub can't keep during a bass intensive movie. Sounds like its bottoming out or distorting where my 6 year old velodyne was always deep and...
I will do that and see what results I get.. Thanks for all your help
directly behind the seating? There is 7 feet from the back of the seats to the rear wall? or would back sidewall work.. I guess oppositve to where it is currently located
All speakers are set t0 80hz with the mains set to 60hz No sound meter yet on my list of things to purchase
I can move the sub around yes the only place I can't move it is by the screen due to the height. Do I have room measuring capability no. Was wondering if moving the sub away from the side wall and closer to the seating postion is (where the picture is taken) would make a difference. I guess the last question could the placement of the sub make it sound like its distorting or maxing out? because I have the sub volume low on both the avr and the sub..
I am not getting the performance out of my SVS pb12-plus i was expecting but I am sure its a placement issue. I don't feel it is keeping up or almost sounds like its maxing out or distorting during heavy bass intensive scenes. My onkyo 818 is set at +.05 and I think the SVS is at -17. Its set at 75db while running auddessy. I am looking for placement advice as I am sure I am losing a lot of SQ. I just thought this svs would go deeper then my 10" 6 year old...
I don't have a sound meter but I am sure i will get one if it helps
so from what I understand I should be adjusting my SVS sub volume and re-running Audyssey until the AVR says 0
Audyssey set the sub level in AVR to -11 I have my svs pb12-plus set to 0 It wasen't just battle of LA.. Even during Jurassic Park when there was loud stomping or running the sub sounded like it was hitting its max point (Hollow thoud or flutter sound) Thanks for everyones help thus far. I spent a great deal of money on this setup and I just want it to sound good.
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